So, you have started a new business, Congratulations! You searching for business accounting software to organize all your accounts and database. You found QuickBooks suits best for your company as its specially designed for small size and medium-size businesses. You checked their website and you are confused which products you should buy that suits your business needs.

Here, I am to give you all the knowledge about the QuickBooks product and you can choose any of that according to your company requirement.

Mainly, QuickBooks has two Parent products “QuickBooks Desktop” and “QuickBooks Online”. Both products have their specialty.

The specialty of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

QB Desktop is Product-oriented software, that is best to handle your inventory and products.

QB Online is Service-oriented software, it allows you to deal effectively your service-based business.

The major difference between QuickBooks Online vs Desktop.

  • There is no installation required for QBO, whereas QBD does require installation in your device.
  • QBO provides you the freedom to work from anywhere from any device, but QBD can be accessed only from the device where you installed it, let’s say your office.
  • QBO requires the Internet to work as its totally cloud-based platform, whereas you can work on QBD without the internet.
  • QBO required a monthly subscription, there is a one-time charge for QBD.

The above comparison has probably made your mind, to use a product that suits your requirements.

Still, if there is any confusion, let’s get into details of  QuickBooks Online

Work from any place,

For your service-based business where you don’t have to handle any kind of inventory. You have to visit the place to place often, you have to manage all accounts from different places. QuickBooks Online is one solution for you. You can also create credentials for different users/accountants to access accounts from any location they are located.

Work from any device.

As the QuickBooks Online doesn’t need any installation you can simply open and log into your accounts in the web browser from any devices like PC, Mac or Android devices.

Real-time updates.

As your whole accounts set up on QuickBooks cloud server, every change done by you or your assigned user will update in your accounts right away and you can check it from your location the very second changes done.

So, you know all about QBO lets discuss QuickBooks Desktop.

Handling Inventory

QBD allows two methods to manage your inventory, Average Cost and FIFO (First In First Out).

Easy Pay Out

If the billing you paying out of the same amount to multiple users, Batch Invoicing features allow you to invoice them all at the same time. This feature is very good for the Payroll perspective.

Dedicated versions.

QBD has dedicated versions for the manufacturer, general business, contractor, wholesaler, professional services, etc.  that understand your business even more.


Features you get on QBO are not available for QBD and vice-versa.

You can always start with 30-days trial subscription right from their website to experience the product.

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